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Solaris properties are the only estate agents in Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Ellon, Turriff, Banff and Macduff & Surrounding areas specialising in property leasing only – we offer 2 packages:

The first being a ‘Tenant Finding Service‘ and the second is a ‘Full Property Management Service‘ for your property. The fees are payable only when the tenant is found, and always remains among the most competitively priced in the area. You can save yourself time and unnecessary stress by putting your trust in us in order to secure a worry free letting of your property.

1. What do i need to do before renting out my property ?

You must register with the the “Landlord Registration Scheme” provided by the local authority. You can do this online at :
Alternatively we could do this for you. You will also need to obtain an energy performance certificate which is essential if you are to let the property,we can provide this service as well.


2.  How much rent for my property can i expect ?

We would carry out an initial visit in order to assess the rental value of the property, we would then recommend you a monthly rental figure according to property’s condition and current market trend.


3. How do i get my rent ?

If your property is fully managed by us then the monthly
rental payments will be made to us. We will then deduct the monthly management fee and forward the monies to your bank or building societyaccount. A monthly rental statement is sent to each Landlord giving details of all payments made and received.


4.The property has an outstanding mortgage on it

If you have an outstanding  mortgage over your property it is your responsibility to obtain a consent from your lender before you rent it out.


5.Do I need to have buildings & contents insurance ?

Absolutely yes, it is the landlord’s interest that the property is appropriately insured, you may also wish to insure any contents but that is optional, Ellon Equity Release can certainly help you to obtain a Landlord’s insurance.


6.What legal paperwork is required to proceed with letting ?

We would prepare a short assured tenancy agreement with an AT5 notice  & repairing standarts letter as well as inventory schedule if necessary.


7. What is the duration of Tenancy agreement ?

According to short assured tenancy the minimum term is 6 month’s, this is the term we would recommend to use as well.


8. Do i need to provide an inventory schedule ?

It is not essential, however we strongly advise you to provide one, you can do it yourself or we can prepare one for you.


9. Do i need to do anything about the utility services ?

We will take care of all the services on your behalf where possible, we will provide the utility companies with tenant’s names and from the tenancy start it will be their responsibility to ensure that the bills are settled.


10. Will you accompany prospective tenants to viewing ?

Where the Landlords are not available we would be delighted to arrange accompanied viewings for prospective Tenants.


11. How are you going to advertise my property ?

Your property will be advertised with the local newspapers as well as our website, the details will also be forwarded to our contacts at local employment agencies with employees frequently looking for accommodation.


12. Who pays the council tax, TV licence, and utility bills ?

The Tenant will be liable for settling the utility bills & TV licence as well as council tax.


13. What do you do if there is an emergency at the property ?

We deal with it ! It is essential for us to have your contact details in case we require to get in touch for any information regarding the emergency.


14. Will you inspect my property & carry out any maintenance repairs ?

Yes, we will carry out quarterly inspections of the property. We can carry out maintenance repairs, but only with your prior consent.


15. What about property safety ?

To ensure that your property is safe for tenancy as well as protect against any claims you will need to comply by installing smoke alarms, the gas boiler will have to be inspected yearly. Property’s furniture & furnishings will have to comply with “The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988″ Act. Electrical equipment should be PAT tested to ensure it’s safety of use and compliance with “electrical equipment (safety) regulations 1994″ Act.


16. What fees does the tenant pay ?

The Tenant will have to pay one month’s rent in advance together with deposit before the tenancy start. The Tenant will be liable for fees regarding credit check and administration, a holding fee will be required as well.
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